SENIOR PORTRAITS – Prestige Portraits is the photography company that handles FHS senior portraits and yearbook photos. In order for your student’s photo to be in the FHS yearbook, you must contact Prestige and schedule a photo session before Oct. 31. To schedule an appointment, please call Prestige at 615-628-8600 or schedule online at Most students get their photos taken over the summer. The yearbook photo must be taken by Prestige. You may use another company for additional photos. 

PROJECT GRADUATION – This is an all-night drug and alcohol-free celebration held at FHS the night of graduation exclusively for FHS graduates.  The event, sponsored by the FHS Parent Association, features hours of games, activities, music, entertainment, food and major prize giveaways. In fact, EVERY student will leave with a significant gift! We ask each senior family to donate $100 to help cover the cost of Project Graduation and other senior recognition activities like the personalized FHS senior yard signs that are delivered to graduates’ homes.  Please note, this is tax-deductible and payable to the FHS Parent Association. Can be paid online at here!

SENIOR FEE – This fee includes cap, gown, tassel, diploma cover, 1 final transcript and other costs associated with graduation. Students now keep their gowns instead of renting them as in the past. This year’s fee is $77. Payment is made directly to FHS by check or online here.

YEARBOOK AD – Senior families may purchase an ad honoring their student. These ads are placed in the back of the yearbook and cost varies with size. Information about the yearbook ad will be sent to your family from FHS and ad responses are usually due in September. Forms sent by the school can be found here.

GRADUATION ITEMS- A student meeting will be held Thursday August 31st, 6pm to present a Herff Jones package including invitations and a variety of options. Payment for graduation invitations and other items is made to Herff Jones. While the information from Herff Jones will request sizes for cap and gown, the senior fee (see above) which covers cap and gown, is paid directly to FHS.

SHADOW PROJECT – Students select someone in the workforce to “shadow”, October 25 and March 20 (subject to change.) These dates are the same days grades 9-11 are taking the PSAT and ACT. Students must complete an online form for the Counseling Office before and after the project in order for the absence to be considered a Field Trip and not count towards one of their 6 absences.

FINAL EXAMS & EXEMPTION POLICY- Seniors are exempt from a final exam based on the performance and class attendance in each individual class.  If your student has an A in a class (91 or greater) and has had no more than 6 absences in the class per semester, he/she will be exempt from that class’ final exam.  Students must still take AP/IB Exams.  Field trips and college visits with principal approval and a letter from the college received on the day of the visit will not count as one of the 6 absences.

SENIOR YARD SIGNS – These signs are placed in a graduate’s yard in the weeks leading up to graduation.  A senior response form must be completed and returned to the FHS Parent Association in order for a student to receive a sign.  Every senior will receive a sign regardless of donation. The Senior Response Form can be found here.


Schedule, Locker, Parking & Fee Day - Thursday July 27th 8am - 3pm: Students can stop by to get their schedule, parking tag, locker & pay athletic and Senior Fees ($77.) Project Graduation committee will have a table collecting Senior Response Forms and Project Graduation donations ($100.)

Open House - Thursday August 17th 6pm. More info to come from FHS administration.

Senior Info/Financial Aid Night - Thursday August 31st 6pm. A financial aid specialist will be here to share important information. Graduation requirements will be discussed. Seniors and parents should attend.

Homecoming - Friday October 6th. Parade in downtown Franklin at 10am

Mistletoe Market - November 11th - the proceeds all go towards Project Graduation. Mark your calendar to attend.

Prom - Saturday April 28th. This date is subject to change. There is a special presentation of seniors followed by a mother/son and father/daughter dance.

Baccalaureate – Sunday, May 13th 3pm - 5pm at Franklin First UMC. There is a reception following Baccalaureate.  This day is an excellent opportunity to take photos of your student in his/her cap and gown with friends and family.

Graduation – 2018 Graduation will take place on Sunday, May 20th at 6:00 pm at Allen Arena.  This date is subject to change.  There is usually a pre-order sale for a DVD of graduation. Followed by Project Graduation at the school!

CONTACT INFORMATION: – Your registration must be updated each school year. All prior registrations became inactive on June 30th to purge the database. Please log your account to verify your information. You do not have to re-register, just log into and verify. This registration enables you to receive school and class specific announcements. This is the only way you can receive the announcements as FHS does not send them out. Announcements are typically sent twice a week. You can also make your Project Graduation donation online here.

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If you have any questions regarding this letter or need additional information during the year, please contact one of the senior parents below:

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Project Graduation:

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